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Why do I have to log in?

The University Library licenses content from publishers and content vendors for use during your academic studies.  These resources can only be accessed by current students, faculty, and staff at the university, and therefore require entering credentials before access.  

What is my username and password?

For current students and teaching faculty, this is the same username and password as your student portal account.  Below is a screenshot of the current student portal login page, so you know what username and password we are referring to when we say "student portal."  

Screen capture of PG Campus student login page.

How do I log in?

If you go directly to the Library homepage and conduct a search or click a link to a database, you may be asked to log in.  The system is essentially just saying, “Hey, who are you?”  There are two different pathways to log into the library’s databases successfully.

Option A

Go directly to the Library's website, then conduct a search or click a link to a database.  You'll see a page titled "Authentication Required." On this page, click Log in.  You'll then be asked to enter your regular student portal username and password.  After you successfully login, you'll be lead to the Library resource you tried accessing.  

Screen capture of library authentication server page login button.

Option B

You can login before you get to the Online Library.  To do this:

  1. Log in to your Student Portal.

  2. Click on the Library link under the My Studies tab at the top.  When you click on the Library link here, your identifying information is passed to the library behind-the-scenes and it logs you into the library automatically.

Screen capture of Library link under My Studies on the student portal homepage.


Having issues logging in? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Did you click on a link within your online classroom or in an e-mail?  See this link for information on how to save links correctly - it may be that a bad URL was used.

  • When do your classes begin?  Have they already started, or do they start in the future?  Library access usually isn’t activated until 24-48 hours before your class begins.

  • What browser are you using?  If the current Internet browser you're using is giving you trouble, download another and see if that solves your issues.  The Library's resources have been known to work with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Google Chrome, but errors can occur from computer to computer.  

  • Can you access the library from one computer or location but not from another computer or location?  Knowing this helps determine if the issue is computer related, or internet service provider (ISP) related.  If two computers using the same internet connection have the same issue, for example, it's likely the connection that's the problem., Wild Blue  and other satellite system customers in particular may have issues. Malware and other security issues on particular computers also can be an issue.

  • Are you behind a firewall?  Some students can access the Library just fine from their personal computer at home, but when they try to access from their workplace they are prompted to log in.  Their workplace computers are usually behind a firewall, which in effect suppresses all identifying information to be passed from one computer network to another.  

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