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There are many interchangeable keywords and search phrases that can be used independently or combined to successfully retrieve information about global business culture, etiquette, communication, and ethics.

Begin your search on the Library welcome page using any of the suggests below:

  • global business communication
  • international business etiquette
  • global business culture
  • global business ethics

This topic can also be searched directly within Skillsoft Books. From the Popular Databases box on the lower right of the Library homepage, select the Skillsoft Books database link. 

Another database to search for global business information is ProQuest Central, linked in the Popular Databases box on the lower right side of the Library homepage.

Search terms can also be combined like this: 

"global business etiquette" "japanese corporate culture" (use quotation marks to search exact phrases). 

Below are some additional search phrases (simply add the name of your country of choice).

  • germany "cultural influences" "business practices" ethics
  • "business practices" "cultural values" spain
  • "united kingdom" "business practices" "cultural values" influences
  • "international business etiquette" canada

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