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To find information about this topic, begin by searching using the keywords "united states" offender punishment in the search box on the Library homepage.

Include the quotation marks around "united states".  They tell the system to look for the words together. 

Other searches to try:

sentencing criminals

"united states" crime and punishment

Finally, try combining any of search terms below:

  • offender
  • prisoner
  • criminal
  • convicts
  • felon
  • criminal justice
  • criminal law
  • criminal procedure
  • crime

…with terms related to punishment:

  • punish
  • punishment
  • corrections 
  • correctional system
  • prisons 
  • sentencing
  • alternative sentencing

For example:  offender punishment

For more help, visit the CJ101 course research guide linked below, and click on Unit 10 Assignment Help.

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