Answered By: Laura Marek
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017     Views: 683

We can give suggestions of how to search for this topic but, we cannot give suggestions for what article to use.  The reason for not being able to give suggestions for specific articles is because we are often asked this question and so, articles and websites that we suggest are used over and over again for the assignment by students.  

There really aren't any useful articles in the library.  The ones that are found are very technical or scientific. But, you can do a Google search to look for an example of a linear equation in real life.
In the Google search box you could type: linear equations in real life examples
There will be many websites with examples of a linear equation used in real life.

Take a look at some of the websites to see what they suggest for a real life example of linear equations.

One suggestion found on a website from the Google search is travel.  An article about travel could be about traveling by train versus plane travel.  For that it is a time versus money issue, usually.

You could perform another Google search for train vs plane. Scan the results for articles from news websites

Another website from that original Google search suggests taxi fares as an example of linear equations in real life.

For this you could search Google for taxi fare increase. And again scan the results for articles from news websites.

Play around with searches like this to see what you can find.