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While you cannot download entire e-books with one click using the eBook Collection from EBSCO, you can typically save up to 60 pages of an e-book as a PDF file (some ebooks offer less if the publisher has requested more limited usage rights).  You can also try going back after saving the first set of pages and trying to save more pages.  Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't.

To do this, after opening an e-book, click the Save Pages along the top of the screen.  This will allow you to save a PDF file and download it to your computer.  The number of pages it saves as a PDF file will start from the page you are viewing, and you can select up to 59 additional pages for a total of 60. 



There is also an E-mail Pages icon along the top of the screen, which will allow you to e-mail the PDF file to your personal e-mail account instead of downloading it to your computer.


For more tips on using the eBook Collection from EBSCO database, watch this video:

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