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Authentication into databases in the Purdue Global Library is enabled through a single-sign-on (SSO) between the database, a proxy authentication service called EZProxy, and your PG Campus account.  This SSO allows you to access the content in the database without having to create a new account.  The proxy domain for PG is "" and you'll see this domain in most database links.  

However, a quirk of this system is that when viewing a document or a detailed record of an item, some links in the page may also see the "" domain added to them, even though they are not necessary.  This includes DOI numbers or links, which might display the proxy domain in them.  

For most people at PG this isn't a big deal, as it's understood that you found the article from a library database and the DOI is just being listed to help retrieval and as a part of APA Style rules.  However, if you are planning on publishing your work externally, or are being requested to clean up the DOI in your final citations list by your instructor, you simply need to delete the "" part.

Example of a proxied DOI link in EBSCO:

Same DOI, but edited to delete the proxy:

We recognize this can be an inconvenience and have alerted vendors on the issue.  Until then, you can most likely ignore the extra domain in the DOI link or quickly delete it.  

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