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To see only articles from peer reviewed journals in your results list while using Library databases, locate and click on the option to limit to peer reviewed journals.  That's really all you have to do!  Where this option is and its exact label varies a little from database to database, but its function (limiting results to articles from peer reviewed journals only) and how to use it (click the option to enable the peer reviewed journals-only filter) are nearly universally the same everywhere.  

Below is what the option to limit to peer reviewed looks like in two of our most comprehensive sources:

EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost databases

From the initial search page, under Search Options:

Image of Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals limiter

From EBSCO's results pages, to the left, under Refine Results > Limit To:

Image of Scholarly Peer Reviewed option on EBSCO results page

ProQuest (ProQuest Central, ABI/INFORM, and other databases on the ProQuest platform)

On ProQuest search pages, right under the search box:

Image of ProQuest search page and peer reviewed limiter option

On ProQuest results pages, under the search box or under Narrow Results:

Image of ProQuest results page with peer reviewed limiter options


For more on this view the video on this page, or if you have any questions about finding peer reviewed articles on your topic, please contact us in the Library.


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