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For this example, Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring will be used.  You can simply search for the theory, like this:

In the large search box on the Library's main page, type:  theory of human caring
Click on Search
Look for articles that have keywords in the title and/or articles that have keywords in the subjects section of the article. The words are highlighted in the article below.  Take a look at the articles to see if they seem like they could be helpful by clicking on PDF Full Text.  
Don't forget to take a look at the articles references!  They may have used resources that would be helpful for your assignment.  You can look for them in the library.  If we don't have access to the item, the search results may bring up other items that could be helpful.
If you do not find anything related to the theory you are looking for, then put the words into quotation marks.  Like this:
"theory of human caring"
By putting the words into quotation marks, they are more likely to be searched for together.
To look to see what we have in the library on theory written by the theorist, try the following search:
Back on the library's home page, there is a link labeled Advanced Search. Select this link.
On the next screen, in the top search box, type the name of the theory you are searching.  
The following was used for this example:  "theory of human caring"
You can try searching with and without the quotes. 
In the middle search box, type the name of the theorist.  
The following was used for this example:  jean watson
Try it without the quotes first.
Then, change the middle drop down box so that the AU Author appears.  By doing that, the author field will be searched and only authors by that name will appear in the results list.
Click on Search.

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