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There are a couple of advanced search features in the database PsycARTICLES.  Below is a refresher on how to find that database and then a couple of pertinent advanced search features pointed out.

Select the Databases A-Z link:

Then scroll through the alphabetical list until you see PsycARTICLES., and  click on  it:

Once that database opens, scroll down until you see the a box labeled Age Groups

This box is where you can limit the results to a certain age group like Childhood, Infancy, or Adolescent.

Scroll through the box and select an age group you wish to focus on. (For this example, Adolescent (13-17 years) was selected.

The box just below is where you can select a type of study to focus on.  While there are quite a few different types of methodology in this box, of the ones that you can choose from only Longitudinal can be found there.  If you would like that kind of study, select it. For this example, nothing was selected from this box.

If you would like to search for one of the other two kinds of studies, then don't select anything from this box but, go ahead and select an age from the Age Groups box.  Then scroll up to the search boxes at the top of the screen.

In the top search box type your search term(s).  For this example, development is being used.

In the middle search box, type exactly:  "cross sectional"  (or if you prefer to search for sequential studies, then type sequential into that box without quotes)

Be sure to include the quotation marks where you see them. That way, those words are more likely to be searched for together, like a phrase.

Click on Search

Down along the left hand side of the results list, you can see what search terms were used (in blue) and what limiters were used (what you selected from the different boxes).  Here you can see that Adolescence (13-17) was selected from the Age Groups box.  

If longitudinal study had been selected from the Methodology box, that would be listed here as well.

A little further down, there are a couple of other options to select to help narrow the search a bit further (highlighted in yellow)

Most research articles will have the abstract, methods, results, and conclusion labeled.  Not all articles will have the purpose labeled. But, the purpose would be stated before the Methods section.

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